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Are you interested in developing more of your potential and living a successful life?

If you are, then we share a common bond. Like you, I have always wanted to live a life of purpose, develop my talents to their max, and live a life worth remembering.

For as long as I can remember I have always had a keen interest in Psychology. This interest placed me on a journey to learn as much as I could about how our incredible minds work. Not only did I learn a whole lot of interesting and fascinating facts about how we think, but I also transformed many areas of my own life for the better.

My fascination led me to completing a PhD in Psychology from the University of Otago. But knowing a bunch of facts and developing a few good ideas is useless unless you do something with them. So I took the best of what I had learned and wrote it into my latest book, "Achieving Your Best Self."

One key to achieving your best self is recognizing the huge potential that exists within you.

Human potential is truly a remarkable thing. Most of us barely realize what we are truly capable of. In the past, people erroneously believed that we only used 10% of our brains. Neuroscience has showed us that we use our entire brain. However, it's our potential that we don't fully use. I estimate that its possible to use even less that 10% of our potential.

Part of my mission is to help people recognize their amazing potential for achievement and to teach them how they can use their incredibly powerful minds to achieve their goals. In fact my book has a strong focus on goal achievement. I take the reader through a process of defining what they want and then setting achievable goals to realize their dreams. I teach readers a powerful process of how to utilise their subconscious minds to automate the process of goal pursuit.

One of these processes involves the super powerful process of deliberate and continuous exposure to your High Value Goals. Advertisers use this all the time, and for good reason; it works incredibly well. “The Goal Achievers Journal”, another of my publications, exploits this mechanism to supercharge your goal achievement strategy.

I would be happy to share these ideas and strategies with you and your group or team. Please fill in the form below so we can make contact.

I love to share these ideas with young people, particularly teens and young adults as they are just beginning the journey through life. However, all age groups can benefit from my talks.

People of all ages are doing remarkable things. For example 80 year olds are summiting Mt Everest; 90 year olds are running full marathons and 70 year olds becoming millionaires.

Part of my mission is to impact the lives of these people positively, so as to inspire, motivate and encourage them towards greatness.

What I do is:

  • Help people recognise their potential for greater achievement
  • Help people determine their direction and purpose in life
  • Assist people in developing their High Value Goals
  • Teach about tools and strategies to realise their High Value Goals
  • Help them discover the necessary habits they need to achieve their High Value Goals

If you would like to discuss how my approach to achievement can help the people in your organisation please feel free to get in touch with me.